desire is the drug of the bourgeoisie

These are fls I'd really love to run. This is not to say that the current owners aren't doing their job - it's just virtual salivating. ;)

I've trimmed my wishlist down a lot. First of all, I've been lucky enough to get many wishlist subjects and besides there's many subjects like chocolate, books or wolves which I'm obsessed about but then - so is everyone else. What is left here is the stuff that I'm not just truly, madly, deeply and permanently in love with, but those that also have a really special meaning to me.

Galadriel Savage Garden: Crash and Burn Trees Colour Green

sometimes wishes do come true

I've gotta be chained to you

Actresses: Cate Blanchet --> fluidity
Authors: Robin Hobb --> thePlenty.net
Movies: Elizabeth --> power over men's hearts
TV/Movie/Book misc: Lothlórien--> singing gold
Musicians: ABBA --> people need love
Places: Wales --> dragons and sheep

Looking for my KIM list? I'm sorry, I decided to delete it since most people never updated their information and it's kind of pointless like that.