You have found a bunch of fans, a fanlistings collective. Now, unless you're one of the initiated, that probably doesn't sound too exciting. Fanlistings are quite simply just what the name says - online lists of people who are fans of something. They are different from web rings and cliques because you don't have to own a website to join. For people like me who like to build them they are also a good excuse to make small tributes to things I love from the smallest wonders of nature to the greatest actress in the whole world. Fanlistings are listed at and and monitored by theFanlistings.org.

owned fanlistings

Most of my fanlistings are currently up for adoption. If you're interested in one or more, please email me at faninippu a t gmail d o t com with your name, contact details, collective/example url and a short explanation why you'd like to run the fanlisting.

joined fanlistings

I don't have the time to keep up with changing links anymore, so if you're here to check my joined link to your fanlisting and it's not the correct one, feel free to remove my website link from your records. My apologies.

a bunch of fans v.5

fani.nippu.net means roughly "a bunch of fans" in Finnish. If you keep your eyes open you'll find lyrics by Darren Hayes around...
You can contact me at faninippu [a] gmail * com. I hope you enjoy your stay!

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