Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones

Welcome to parallel lives

This is the tFL.org listed fanlisting for the relationship between Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones, the two men who formed together Savage Garden. This fanlisting covers all the aspects of their relationship (or actually, our projections of their 'ship) so whether you think they are friends, rivalries or something else, you are welcome to join the listing.

What's a fanlisting?

The purpose of a fanlisting is to bring together the fans of a certain subject from all around the world and build a list of them. Fanlistings are monitored by and listed at theFanlistings.org network.
Please note that this fanlisting is NOT affiliated in any way with Darren, Daniel or anyone they know. I am just a fan, please do not try to contact them through this site. Thank you.

This fanlisting is up for adoption. If you are interested and have fl experience, email me at faninippu @ gmail . com with your collective url and any reasons why you'd want to run this fl.


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