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The Prisoner

It's really difficult to describe the Prisoner in a few words. It's a 17 episodes long British TV series that originally aired from 1967-68. The main character, known only as Number Six, was played by Patrick McGoohan who also co-created and co-produced the show as well as wrote and directed some of the episodes. After his character resigns from his job as a secret agent he is taken hostage. He finds himself in a mysterious place called the Village, where everyone is known by a number instead of a name. The series follows his attempts to find out who runs the place and to escape it, and his captors trying to find out why he resigned.

The Prisoner is a delightful and confusing mix of spy fiction, allegory, science fiction and psychological drama. It has inspired and been referenced in countless other tv shows, movies and songs, for example LOST, the Simpsons and Watchmen. It is generally recognized as a show that changed television.

the Prisoner opening credits dialogue

Prisoner: Where am I?
Number Two: In The Village.
Prisoner: What do you want?
Number Two: Information.
Prisoner: Whose side are you on?
Number Two: That would be telling.
We want information, information, information...
Prisoner: You won't get it.
Number Two: By hook or by crook we will.
Prisoner: Who are you?
Number Two: The new Number Two.
Prisoner: Who is Number One?
Number Two: You are Number Six.
Prisoner: I am not a number. I am a free man.
Number Two: Ha ha ha ha....


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