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TORn - Forged by and for the fans of J.R.R Tolkien.

TheOneRing.net is one of the biggest J.R.R. Tolkien fansites in the Internet. It is generally known as a "movie site", meaning that it is centered around the movie adaptations of Peter Jackson. However, the site also offers articles, reviews, discussion and news about Tolkien books as well as fanmade material such as art, wallpapers, recipes etc. The main site consists of hundreds (if not thousands) of pages and TORn also hosts and/or collaborates with several international community sites and projects. TORn also has its own IRC server with a number of popular discussion rooms, many of them international.

TORn was started in May 1999 as a spy report/news site about the upcoming Lord of the Rings films made in New Zealand by Peter Jackson. Xoanon (Michael Regina), Tehanu (Erica Challis), Corvar (William Thomas) and Calisuri (Chris Pirrotta) are the original founders, and the site was first operated on a free server. As the LOTR craze swept over the net, the site became very popular, the staffer army grew in size and the site got its own domain and server. The staffers at TORn managed to form good relationships with the makers of the movies, which has often given the site advantage in reporting, contests and such. The site has also influenced some related web projects such as theOneLion.net and Let the Hobbit Happen!, and it of course hosts the official PJ fanclub The Bastards Have Landed.

Over the years TORn has reached outside the Internet too: books like The People's Guide to J.R.R. Tolkien and The Tolkien Fan's Medieval Reader are based on TORn material. The staffers have organized Line Parties before the premieres, Oscar Parties (attended by fans and movie makers alike) and even made a full-length documentary film, Ringers: Lord of the Fans.

Why TORn?

TORn has been a daily visiting place for me since the day I discovered it before the first movie. It's a great resource, always up to date with the most important news and the energy, enthusiasm and creativity of the staffers continues to amaze me even after all these years. I am a co-admin at one of TORn's community sites, Kontu ("The Shire", the biggest Finnish Tolkien site) and have witnessed many great events and projects from that place as well as a regular visitor to the site.

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