Harlequin fish information

Harlequins belong to the Cyprinidae family, that is the carps. They often go by their old name, Rasbora heteromorpha but the official name is actually Trigonostigma heteromorpha now. Confusing? Let's just call them harlequins and everyone knows what we're talking about. :)
Harlequins live in all sorts of swamps, ponds and streams in Southeastern Asia. They grow to be about 4,5 cm (1,75 inch). The only challenging part about this species is that they are quite hard to breed. You can distiguish the sexes by the lover corner of the black triangle: it is more rounded and clear in males, while the females have a rather straight and blurry corner.
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Why harlequins?

Harlequins have been my favourites ever since I started this hobby. There is always a school of them swimming around in my community tank - the aquarium just doesn't feel the same without them. When you first look at them, you might think they are not special in any way. Surely there are more bigger, colourful and flamboyant species available? But just look at them for awhile! :) These tiny creatures really seem to enjoy swimming around, playing in a group and exploring new things. And when they have the right conditions, they are surprisingly colourful - the deep red hues set out the sharp black shapes in their silver bodies. What makes them ideal for a community tank is their gentle nature. These adorable little darlings will never bother other fish.

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