Arda, and all the creatures of Eru as well as all things bright and beautiful they created during the first three Ages of the world, is copyright JRR Tolkien. Somehow, a lot of people got involved in the business with their companies and money, and finally sold the rights to someone who believed one Peter Jackson could make three movies out of the subject. PJ hired a lot of people to draw, compose, model, paint, sculpt, build, act, re-write, sing and create a piece of his vision of how things are in his opinion in Middle Earth. I am in no way affiliated with any of these parties (Wignut films, WETA, Tolkien Enterprises, etc etc) and I do not mean to violate any of their rights. This is just a fan thing, free advertising and all. ;-)
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The image used in the layout was photographed by me. (It's an oak, unfortunately. :P)

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