Names of Lothlórien

"Vale of the Land of the Singers", the original name given by the Teleri who settled there. The elements are lindar, the Singers - the name Teleri called themselves, dóri, land and nand, valley.

"Valley of Gold", an old Nandorin name for the land, derived from Lindórinan after the Mallorn trees were planted. Elements: lor or lori, golden light, nand, valley.
Laurenandë is the Qyenyan version of the same name, laurë meaning golden light.
Sindarin versions of the name are Glornan and Nan Laur where glor or glaur means golden light and nan valley.

"Land of the Valley of Singing Gold". An old name, used by Treebeard and Faramir. Treebeard also used a longer name, Laurelindórenan lindelorendor malinornélion ornemalin which can be translated to "the valley where the trees in a golden light sing musically, a land of music and dreams; there are yellow trees there, it is a tree-yellow land".

"Dreamflower", the elements are loth blossom, flower and (o)lor, dream. This name was used in the later part of the Third Age. Often shortened to Lórien, a "loan" from Lórien of Valinor, the garden of the vala Irmo, which was familiar to Galadriel.

"Haunted valley", the name the Rohirrim used for Lórien. It contains the Old English words dwimor, phantom, ghost, illusion, delusion, apparition and dene, valley, dale.

Golden Wood, The Hidden Land
Common Speech names for Lothlórien, referring to the Mallorn trees and the fact that few people outside knew of Lothlórien or were ever able to enter it.

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