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What is a fanlisting?

A fanlisting is simply a list of fans of certain subject, in this case the country of Wales. Fanlisting are listed at and monitored by

Fanlistings are open for everyone to join and completely free. They differ from web rings or cliques in that you do not have to have a site to join. The required information is your first name or nickname and your country - as well as a working email address to ensure that people are not joining multiple times. You can also have your website listed alongside your other information, but in that case it is a common courtesy to link back to the fanlisting too.

This fanlisting was started by Leanne and was given to me in May 2005 by Jean. Thank you!

Please note that this fanlisting is run by only one fan. Even though I love Wales deeply, I can not help you with your traveling plans or in finding lost relatives. The links page is a good start for learning more about related topics, though.

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